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Have you seen the "live photos" that Apple is so proud of on the new iphone 6?  Did you know that most Canon compact cameras have been doing it for years?  If your camera has a feature called Movie Digest, or Hybrid Auto, then your camera does too.  Most Droids have been doing it for years also.  Does your phone have ZOE?  In those modes, a short video is recorded each time you take a picture.  So, you capture that moment, and a small video clip too!  If you haven't already tried it, go ahead, it's really nifty! Click on the link to see an example.

Has your camera been away since Christmas or Valentine's Day? It's time to dust it off! Start by checking and charging your battery. Did you know...if you let a rechargeable battery go uncharged for a long time, it gradually loses power, and if left uncharged long enough, it will die for good. Even if you don't use your camera, (or any electronic device) for a while, just charge your battery once in a while to keep it working for as long as it was designed to. Shoot for 1 a month, but if you do it every 8-10 weeks most batteries will stay just fine!  If your battery is dead, we have those too!


Don't forget, we do all kinds of things people don't know we do.       If it involves a photo, or something used to take it, we do it. 


  • How about a LIFE SIZE image of someone you love!
  • Yes, we can fix a broken phone screen, ipad or tablet screen.
  • Most phones are under $100!
  • Yes, we fix and clean cameras.
  • Yes, we copy old video tapes and even older home movies!
  • Yes we do card image recovery.
  • and much more that you might not think we do.

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